What Does It Really Take To Be Successful In IT?

  • I am a 20-year veteran of the IT Industry and internet entrepreneur who is passionate about helping people.
  • I have mentored thousands of people who now work successfully in tech jobs they love.
  • Mentoring is my IKIGAI!
  • I am not pushing a get-rich-quick scheme or a miracle cure.
  • My mentoring is for the people who are willing to work at getting their “dream” job.
  • Let me teach you precisely what it takes, pulling no punches, and with no sugarcoating!
  • My info-packed blog brings all the “do’s and don’ts” straight to you – for immediate implementation!

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Goal and Background

Hi, my name is Nick, and my goal with Tech Career Mentor is to help as many people that I can – have the best IT careers possible. I have a progressive career in IT and therefore have participated in every level of an organization from small business, to healthcare, to the government, including corporate, enterprise environments. During this time I have always mentored my teams. However, that reach was limited to people I know personally. I started several years ago sponsoring Sr. IT Capstone students at a major U.S. university as a way to reach more students. When I relocated out of state it enabled me to start TCM. Utilizing the power of the internet, I am now reaching a global audience.

You can reach me here on my site, on Fiverr, Facebook, or look me up on Reddit and Quora!

Thank you for joining me!


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